Nazi UFOs, German saucers, German secret  weapons

Ramming German flying discs against US Bombers

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The "Nazi UFOs & Wonder Weapons" site deals with all the news, rumours, and wild stories about the fascinating topics of the alleged revolutionary saucer-shaped aircrafts reportedly developed by the Germans during the last months of the WWII, as well as all those fantastic and exotic "wonder" weapons actually designed by the Germans or just rumoured after the end of the war.

NEW! The most detailed and accurate survey of the birth and development of the German saucers / Nazi UFOs legends between the early '50s (and before ...) and the early sixties is available at the Nazi UFOs page of WikiUFO, the Italian online UFO encyclopedia. The long paper is the result of the 30-year work of Maurizio Verga, the leading expert in the early stories and legends about the German Nazi flying saucers. The paper offers an extensive bibliography and some pictures, but it is in Italian language at this time.



Since 1950 (but you can predate them as early as 1947) there were many claims about alleged German developments of revolutionary saucer-shaped crafts able to fly with incredible performances, from a sort of "supersonic helicopter" to hard-to-believe interstellar spaceships.

These crafts were believed the same "flying saucers" (later named UFOs) sighted by many people all around the world since 1947. According to the many would-be "inventors" and enthusiasts of this theory, UFOs would not be of extraterrestrial origin but man-made. They were the ultimate result of the evil Nazi technology.


The reality of the "Nazi UFOs" has been highly controversial. No really hard historical evidence about the undisputable existence of such advanced technology has been presented so far.

There are some clues and many fascinating rumours that have been creating a real myth about the so-called "Nazi UFOs". One of the main scopes of this site is just the collection and deployment of documents able to evaluate the whole story better and under a critical point of view, emphasizing the presence of legends rather than verifiable facts.


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  • The "German saucers" are often known also as the "V-7 legend": this comes from a reportedly circular aircraft named "V-7" and claimed to have flown in Prague on February 14, 1945.

    Latest developments of the legend, including claims of German space journeys to the Moon, Mars and near stars will be also taken into consideration.

    Also of interest are all those rumours about secret Allied developments of original German projects, Nazi underground bases and related stories, like Hitler's escape and mysterious U-Boats sighted after the end of WWII.

    Besides claims of would-be inventors and rumours, there are no original first-hand historical documents about the development of saucer-shaped aircrafts by the Germans. The supporters of the saucers' reality say that most but all documents and blueprints were destroyed by the Nazis before surrender or captured by the Allied and never released, due to their extreme strategic importance. Investigation for locating possible undisputable sources is still running.

    The Schriever "Flugkreisel"

    1950 Artwork of a Nazi Saucer

    "The are our own!"

    A would-be situation


    Again the Schriever Disc

    Artistic Rendering of a "Saucer"

    The Miethe Disc: an Artwork

    Alleged photo of an armed Saucer

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    Just after the fall of the Third Reich the international press began to introduce more or less fantastic stories about alleged "wonder secret weapons" developed by the Nazi scientists during the last months of WWII.

    The early achievements got by the primitive jets, rockets and missiles, as well as the discoverey of huge amounts of prototypes and, above all, blueprints, stimulated the birth and the circulation of wild stories about amazing "wonder weapons".

    The technological breaktroughs got by the Nazis, and their evil aura, created a sort of "fascination" and wishful thinking about the subject of the German secret weapons. It was a popular subject for most of the international press (as well as the never-ending controversy of Hitler's death or survival) in the second half of the forties and many tabloids and popular weeklies emphasized rumours and uncontrolled news about fantastic German wonder weapons.

    The cold war helped to spread such rumours, as some of those terrific weapons were said to have been captured by the Russians, the new enemy. This could be a terrible threat against the Western countries and a good argument to justify the need for attention and new resources for the military.

    Rumours were made easier and "more credible" by the veil of secrecy of any Soviet activity and the paucity of verifiable sources.





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    Most of the information available about such fantastic "wonder weapons" is pretty vague and typically unsupported by reliable sources.

    The enthusiasts of these legendary "weapons" say most but all of the documents and blueprints about them went lost because destroyed by the Germans at the end of the war or seized by the Allied and then never disclosed.

    Actually there were hundreds of "real" projects (many of them really odd and with no reasonable chance of success) for new fighters, bombers, and missiles. Additionally there were also many intriguing projects, prototypes or even small-scale productions of advanced weaponry, still quite obscure. Some of them will be covered in this site, but we recommend to buy some of the books currently available to have a much larger coverage.



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    Some rumoured German "wonder weapons":

    • space mirrors
    • atomic bomb
    • terrific bombs
    • death ray
    • piloted missiles

    Some odd German "wonder weapons":

    • infrared devices
    • "luftfaust"
    • huge tanks
    • air-to-air missiles
    • winged missiles
    • wind cannon
    • sound cannon

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    "Sound Cannon"

    "Jet Helicopter"

    Piloted V-2

    Infrared Scopes


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    Nazi UFOs
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