Nazi UFOs: the site about the legend


The “Nazi UFOs & Wonder Weapons” site deals with all the news, rumours, and wild stories about the fascinating topics of the alleged revolutionary saucer-shaped aircrafts reportedly developed by the Germans during WWII.

It mainly covers the years between 1947 and 1959, that is the timelapse related to the birth and first development of the legends. Later developments from the sixties and the more and more wilds stories circulated since the early ’80s are not covered at this time.

This is a site dealing with a historiographical approach to this highly controversial subject, trying to offer the best historical evidence available. Wild claims and stories of the time will be reported as historical evidence provided by the press and not as real facts.

The growing set of pages and documents published by this site are the result of a 30+ year research work. We always try to quote original sources and to avoid undocumented references to authors often quoting each other, often introducing severe mistakes and distorting the original information.



Since 1947 there have been many claims about alleged German developments of revolutionary saucer-shaped crafts able to fly with incredible performances, from a sort of “supersonic helicopter” to hard-to-believe interstellar spaceships.

These crafts were believed the same “flying saucers” (later named UFOs) sighted by many people all around the world since 1947. According to the many would-be “inventors” and enthusiasts of this theory, UFOs would not be of extraterrestrial origin but man-made. They were the ultimate result of the evil Nazi technology. Anywhere there are other branch hypotheses and stories, sort of mutations of the original one.

Though this site is named “Nazi UFOs”, it mostly deals with “German saucers”.

An arbirary and simplistic classification can better describe the two terms:

German saucers.
The alleged projects of new aircrafts and weapons introduced by would-be inventors, whistleblowers and the press (roughly) until the end of the 1960s.

Nazi UFOs.
The more and more wild stories, starting around the early 1980s, of Nazi-built discs loaded with guns or even beam weapons, spaceships (sometimes with the help of aliens) for interplanetary (Moon, Mars) and interstellar (Aldebaran) journeys, hyper wonder weapons and technologies, including time travel.

The German saucers are often also known as the “V-7 legend”. This comes from a reportedly circular aircraft named “V-7” and claimed to have flown in Prague on February 14, 1945. It is one of the stories circulated in the early 1950s, with some variants.

Also of interest are all those rumors about secret Allied developments of original German projects, while the rumors about Nazi underground bases (mainly at the South Pole) and related stories, like Hitler’s escape and mysterious U-Boats sighted after the end of WWII are just occasionally covered by this site.

Besides claims of would-be inventors and rumors delivered by the press, there are no original and authentic  first-hand historical documents about the development of saucer-shaped aircrafts by the Germans. The supporters of the saucers’ reality say that most but all documents and blueprints were destroyed by the Nazis before surrender or captured by the Allied and never released, due to their extreme strategic importance. Investigation for locating possible undisputable sources is still running.


Link to the (very) old Nazi UFOs site.